Line "Original"

olive oil - premium 500ml - Alto Olivar

Italian bottles awarded for design in Olivinus contest 2016 and 2017. Arbequina oil.

Formats 200ml and 500ml

Line "Traditional"

olive oil - traditional 500ml - Alto Olivar

500ml bottles in 3 varieties

Arbequina: Variety that is born in Spain. Soft, green flavor, with notes of freshly cut grass and artichoke. Ideal for cooking all kinds of foods as it is not invasive.

Sevillana: Spanish variety, little used to produce olive oil, due to its lower yield. It has great qualities of fruity flavor and notes of green olives.

Franotio: Variety of Italian origin, with great presence, bitterness and a slight itching aftertaste.

Horeca formats

We pack the exquisite taste of our olive oil in this great format

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