How to use your olive oil in the kitchen

12 marzo, 2019

Virgin olive oil, in addition to its contribution to health thanks to its consumption in our diet, has a flavor that makes it an indispensable ally in your kitchen. As with wines, an oil should be used for each type of dish. It is advisable, especially when you use it raw, that you try different accompaniments and elaborations, to discover which varieties in the taste combinations you like the most. Do not forget that olive oil provides nine calories per gram, so your consumption should be regular, but moderate.

Olive oil in raw

One of the uses of our olive oil Alto Olivar can be to dress salads and vegetables (raw or cooked), to accompany breakfast bread, cook some meat when put in the oven and to make sauces such as mayonnaise, vinaigrette and the aioli. It is also added to dishes such as gazpacho and some cold soups.

Olive oil in fried foods

Frying is a fast way to prepare food, very common in our Chilean cuisine. Virgin olive oil is suitable for frying because it is stable at high temperatures (during the process temperatures between 170 and 180 ºC are reached). Foods cooked in this way are enriched with the flavor and the components of the oil used, although they increase their energy load and may suffer losses in their nutritional value.

When frying in a pan, it must be taken into account that the oil must not smoke during preheating (before incorporating the food), and that it should not be reused more than five times and, if possible, always for frying similar foods. In addition, it must be filtered before storage, in an opaque container, and kept away from light and heat.